JeffSharonMy name is Jeff Sharon, and welcome to The Black and Gold Banneret!

I am a UCF alumnus (Class of 2005) and former UCF Athletics video producer. Born in New Jersey and raised in Margate, Florida, I went to UCF in 2001 and quickly settled in doing play-by-play for multiple sports on WNSC, the student-run radio station at the time. Along with a staff of dedicated fellow travelers, I covered Volleyball, Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, Softball and even UCF’s Ice Hockey club team. When UCF Softball launched in the Spring of 2002, I was among the first to cover the Knights’ new program, doing tape-delayed play-by-play of home games.

While at UCF, I also worked for 660 WORL-AM (including its abbreviated stint as an all-sports station), interned for Central Florida News 13, and wrote for the Central Florida Future.

After graduating UCF with a degree in Radio and TV in 2005, I went on to get my Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University, interning at WSYR-TV, and later for WHAG-TV in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Reporting for WNEG-TV at Hart County High School, Hartwell, Ga., 2007.
Reporting for WNEG-TV at Hart County High School, Hartwell, Ga., 2007.

My first big break in the journalism business came in 2006 at WNEG-TV NewsChannel 32, a tiny CBS affiliate covering northeastern Georgia, including Toccoa, Athens and Gainesville. As sports reporter, and then later the sports director and anchor, I covered sports at the University of Georgia and Clemson University. But my primary focus was on high school sports, particularly high school football, anchoring the fan-favorite weekly highlight show, “Friday Night Under the Lights.”

I then moved back to Orlando in 2008 to work in the Sports Video department of UCF Athletics, hosting a weekly all-UCF sports magazine show, “UCF SportsKnight.” I not only hosted the show, but also produced it, wrote it, shot video for it, and edited it. I also assisted with the weekly football coaches’ shows, as well as in-game video production for football and basketball.

After leaving UCF in 2010, I went into the education field. I currently teach online journalism at Full Sail University in Winter Park. I also covered UCF part-time for SportsTalkFlorida.com, and co-hosted a radio show for 1080 The Team in town in 2014. But my heart has never left my alma mater, and I still bleed black and gold.

I am also married to my beautiful wife, Stephanie, and we have a wonderful son, Connor, who was born in 2014. I also have two little sisters – Lindsey graduated UCF in 2013, and Stephanie goes there now. So the UCF pipeline is alive and well in my family.

I also keep a blog on aerospace history (a pet obsession of mine) at Aerothusiast.com, and I host The Corner 3 Podcast with my friends Eric Lopez and Victor Anderson, which you can subscribe to on iTunes.

With the Black and Gold Banneret, I aim to not only cover the big stories, and engage in some fun stuff every now and then, but also to cover the lesser-known or heralded sports at UCF, just like I did when I worked for the program. I value being right over being first, so I’m not going to be first a lot. But I will tell you why things happen, and I hope to show you the inside workings behind that. You’re not always going to like what I write, but I can tell you it’s as straightforward and honest as you’re going to get anywhere.

What’s a Banneret?

A Knight Banneret, sometimes just called a Banneret, was a medieval knight who fought and led his army under his own banner or flag. A Banneret was traditionally ranked higher than a Knight Bachelor, who was a knight who fought under someone else’s flag, like a mercenary, but he was not a member of the nobility. Typically, a Knight Banneret received his title for valor on the battlefield.

That’s what I hope this website represents: I write about UCF under my own flag – not for someone else. I hope you will enjoy it, and please stay in touch.

You can follow the Black and Gold Banneret on Twitter at @UCF_Banneret, or follow me personally at @Jeff_Sharon.

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