Scott Frost Officially Introduced as UCF’s New Head Coach

UCF Hires Scott Frost

Scott Frost UCF Head Coach
UCF head football coach Scott Frost poses for a photo at Bright House Networks Stadium following his introduction on December 2, 2015. (Photo: Jeff Sharon/

UCF officially introduced Scott Frost as its new head football coach at a news conference Tuesday.

After Frost, A.D. Danny White and UCF President Dr. John Hitt made statements and took  questions, we scored a quick one-on-on with Coach Frost (Thanks to Brian Ormiston and Andy Seeley for that). Here it is:

Here’s the full audio of the press conference, courtesy of UCF Athletics:

You can read a transcript of the press conference here.

John Hitt Danny White Scott Frost UCF
(L to R) UCF President Dr. John Hitt, head football coach Scott Frost and athletic director Danny White take questions at a news conference, December 2, 2015 (Photo: Jeff Sharon/

I got in a question during the presser about UCF’s recruiting issues in Central and South Florida. UCF was nice enough (Thanks, guys!) to pull the video clip of Coach Frost’s answer here:

Here are a few more interesting quotes from Coach Frost and Danny White.

On why UCF:

Danny White on how UCF and Frost will assemble a staff:

On how the offense works:

On choosing the right opportunity to go after as a head coach:

Here’s my favorite:

A few notes:

  • Frost might sound low-key, but he sold his offense throughout the morning. This is music to fans’ (and recruits’) ears.
  • Frost essentially starts immediately. Based on what he said, he will likely not coach Oregon in their bowl game.
  • UCF released the terms of Frost’s contract agreement (not the contract itself). I’m combing through that tonight.
  • Props go to Andy Seeley, Brian Ormiston, Megan Herboth, Eric DeSalvo and the rest of the UCF Communications staff for pulling everything together in such short notice. Another flawless event.
  • Danny White is doing two jobs at once – Finishing up at Buffalo and running things at UCF. I think he has a twin that we don’t know about who is helping him.
  • On a personal note, and make of this what you will, but it was nice to see some old friends again today with smiles on their faces. There was a palpable positive energy that I haven’t seen or felt in a while from them. That was nice.

The buzz was back in the air at UCF this morning. Frost said all of the right things. He gets it. Then again, a guy who played for Walsh, Osborne, Parcells, Belichick, Gruden and Kelly certainly would.

Now the hard part starts.

Welcome, Coach Frost!

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