UCF Football TV Ratings

Here’s a sortable table of all of UCF’s national TV games and their viewership numbers, going back as far as we can find:

Date (Y/M/D)GameNetworkTime Slot (ET)Viewers (est.)National RatingNotes
2014/1/1UCF 52, Baylor 42ESPN8:30 p.m.113000006.62014 Fiesta Bowl
2018/1/1#12 UCF 34, #7 Auburn 27ESPN12:30 p.m.83770005.12018 Peach Bowl
2010/12/31UCF 10, Georgia 6ESPN3:30 p.m.470000032010 Liberty Bowl
2017/11/24UCF 49, USF 42ABC3:30 p.m.46000003.2War on I-4, Black Friday
2007/12/29Mississippi State 10, UCF 3ESPN4:30 p.m.3900000N/A2007 Liberty Bowl
2017/12/2UCF 62, Memphis 55 (2OT)ABCNoon33850002.32017 AAC Championship
2014/12/26N.C. State vs. UCFESPN8 p.m.320000022014 St. Petersburg Bowl
2013/9/28#12 South Carolina 28, UCF 25ABCNoon32000002.2
2016/9/10UCF at MichiganABCNoon28000001.9
2009/12/19UCF vs. RutgersESPN8 p.m.2500000N/A2009 St. Petersburg Bowl
2013/10/18UCF 38, #8 Louisville 35ESPN8 p.m.22000001.5Thursday Night
2012/9/8UCF at Ohio StateESPN2Noon22000001.4
2011/9/23BYU 24, UCF 17ESPN8 p.m.21360001.7Friday Night
2013/12/7#15 UCF 17, SMU 13ESPNNoon1440000N/A
2014/10/9UCF 31, BYU 24 (OT)ESPN7:30 p.m.1340000N/AThursday Night
2014/8/30Penn State 26, UCF 24ESPN28:30 a.m.1290000N/AGame played in Dublin, Ireland
2013/11/29#17 UCF 23, USF 20ESPN8 p.m.1220000N/AWar on I-4, Black Friday
2014/12/4UCF 32, East Carolina 30ESPN7:30 p.m.1040000N/A"Hail Perriman"
2013/11/21#17 UCF 41, Rutgers 17ESPN7:30 p.m.972000N/AThursday Night
2014/10/2UCF 17, Houston 12ESPN7 p.m.744000N/AThursday Night
2014/11/14UCF 31, Tulsa 7ESPN8 p.m.738000N/AFriday Night
2015/11/19East Carolina 44, UCF 7ESPN7:30 p.m.669000N/A
2012/12/1UCF vs. TulsaESPN2Noon5900000.42012 C-USA Championship
2014/11/28UCF 16, USF 0ESPN2Noon447000N/AWar on I-4, Black Friday
2017/9/30UCF vs. MemphisESPN27 p.m.442000N/A
2013/11/9#19 UCF 19, Houston 14ESPN27 p.m.431000N/A
2015/11/26USF 44, UCF 3ESPN7:30 p.m.388000N/A
2015/9/26South Carolina 31, UCF 14ESPNUNoon380000N/A
2017/11/4UCF at SMUESPN27:15 p.m.369000N/A
2017/9/23UCF at MarylandFS13 p.m.247000N/A
2016/10/29UCF at HoustonESPNUNoon192000N/A
2015/10/24#21 Houston 59, UCF 10ESPNewsNoon171000N/A
2015/9/2Stanford 31, UCF 7FS110:30 p.m.151000N/A
2017/10/7UCF at CincinnatiESPNU8 p.m.131000N/AGame called off after three quarters (weather)
2014/11/22UCF 53, SMU 7ESPNewsNoon113000N/A
2016/11/12UCF vs. CincinnatiESPNUNoon112000N/A
2015/10/10UConn 40, UCF 13ESPNews3:45 p.m.111000N/A
2015/10/31Cincinnati 52, UCF 7ESPNewsNoon101000N/A
2016/10/15UCF vs. TempleESPNU7:30 p.m.100000N/A
2015/10/3Tulane 45, UCF 31ESPNewsNoon73000N/A
2015/11/7Tulsa 45, UCF 30ESPNewsNoon67000N/A
2016/9/24UCF at FIUBeIN Sports7 p.m.16000N/A

Some quick definitions:

Rating: Rating is the percentage of the total number TV-owning homes in the United States that are tuned in to that particular game. This is different from share, which is the percentage of the number of TVs that are actually turned on at that time watching a particular program. Ratings and share are compiled by Neilsen. Go here for full definitions.