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UCF A.D. Update: Kingston No Longer a Finalist

Buffalo A.D. Now Top Candidate

Last week, it was reported that Chris Kingston was the leading candidate for UCF's vacant Athletic Director job. That appears not to be the case anymore.

Brandon Helwig of is now reporting as of Friday ($) that Kingston is NOT a finalist for the UCF job. Instead, the focus now appears to be on three candidates ($), and the top one is Danny White, the current A.D. at Buffalo.

No, he's not that Danny White.

This Danny White is a former basketball player at Notre Dame. He graduated in 2002 and then went into coaching at Ohio until 2005.

He's also got SEC chops, working at Ole Miss from 2005-2006, and again from 2009-2012 as a senior associate A.D. In between, he stopped at Northern Illinois (Assistant A.D./Development, 2006-2007) and Fresno State (Associate A.D./Development, 2007-2009). He's been in charge at UB since 2012.

White has had a hand in developing Buffalo, the largest public school in New York, into a respected program in the MAC. While a football championship has eluded him, UB has won championships in other sports under his tutelage, and he has also hired Lance Leipold, a highly successful Division III coach, to take over the Buffalo football program.

Brandon Helwig also reported that Kentucky Deputy A.D. DeWayne Peevy and Texas A&M Deputy A.D. Marcy Girton are on President Hitt's interview agenda, and a decision may be made as soon as Wednesday. Go visit Brandon's site and pay for a membership if you want full details.

Stay with us for updates.