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PODCAST: UConn Preview, Big 12 Expansion, and Volleyball’s Big Week

Black & Gold Banneret Podcast

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A couple of things about the podcast:

After a series of technical problems with our web host, we've moved it over to SoundCloud, so it's going to take some time for things to update, but they will. In the meantime, please subscribe on SoundCloud here.

We have a new episode for this week. Here's the description:

On this episode of the Black and Gold Banneret Podcast, Jeff and Eric look back at UCF’s heartbreaking loss to Temple, and how the Knights can recover for a tough road game at UConn (11:20). Then the guys go off on the Big 12 for its fraudulent expansion fiasco (27:30). Finally, it’s a look at the Olympic sports (45:05), with Volleyball coming off of a huge weekend with two key road victories.

You can subscribe to the Black and Gold Banneret podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. You can also send questions to us on Twitter at @UCF_Banneret, and use the hashtag #BGBPodcast. Don’t forget to follow Jeff at @Jeff_Sharon and Eric at @EricLopezELO on Twitter.