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PODCAST: Men's Soccer with Bryan Cunningham, plus Bowl Projections

Black & Gold Banneret Podcast

On this episode of the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast, Jeff and Eric lead off with Men's Soccer, as the Knights shocked The American by vaulting into the AAC Tournament in Tampa. They then bring on the team's head coach, Bryan Cunningham, to talk about his team's season and their chances against USF (6:55), and then Jeff and Eric talk about the state of UCF Men's Soccer (15:47). Then it's a look at Football's blowout win over Tulane (24:06), and a preview of the Knights' best chance at bowl eligibility against floundering Cincinnati (30:15). Then it's a look at Volleyball as the Knights clinched another 20-win season (42:55). Then they wrap up with a discussion of the Knights' position in the bowl projections (53:08).

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