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Discussing UCF's Schedule with Tuck & O'Neill

Listen below as Jeff Sharon discusses UCF's 2016 football schedule with Mike Tuck & Jerry O'Neill on their show, "Tuck & O'Neill," on Sports Talk Florida 1080 The Team Orlando.

We discussed which games we thought were the most critical ones on the schedule, as well as the anticipation surrounding UCF and new head coach Scott Frost following 2015's 0-12 debacle.

Here's the audio:

Jeff Sharon joins Tuck & O'Neill to discuss UCF's schedule

Listen to audio

Thanks to Jerry and Mike for having me on, and thanks to Eric Lopez for arranging everything.

Make sure you listen to Jerry and Mike every day on 1080 The Team and from 3-7 p.m. Eastern. You can also follow the show at @TuckandONeill on Twitter, and also follow Mike at @MikeTuck1080. Jerry's not on Twitter yet. We're working on it.