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TweetCap: UCF Shuts Out South Carolina State, 38-0

Finally. UCF got its first win since Hail Perriman, a 38-0 shutout victory over South Carolina State. It's Scott Frost's first win as head coach in his very first game, and it's The Knights' first home shutout in five years.

Here's the box score and a video recap from UCF:

In lieu of re-writing the same stuff all over again, and to allow us a night to collect our thoughts for our Sunday Morning Quarterback column, here's what I call a TweetCap - A recap of the game using tweets as they happened:

First Quarter

End of the First Quarter: UCF 6, South Carolina State 0

Halftime: UCF 18, South Carolina State 0

End of Third Quarter: UCF 31, South Carolina State 0

FINAL: UCF 38, South Carolina State 0