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VIDEO: Jeff Joins Knightline Live to Recap 2016 Football Season

Subscribe to the Knightline Podcast via iTunes
Subscribe to the Knightline Podcast via iTunes

This past Sunday, I joined Andrew Phegley, Trace Trylko and Erik Kohler for the Knightline Live show re-capping the 2016 UCF football season. We went one hour live via YouTube, and to be honest, it didn't feel like an hour. It went by really quickly.

We went in-depth on a look back at the 2016 football season, including giving out letter grades, MVPs, and a look at what to expect for next year. We also gave our input on McKenzie Milton's true freshman year and the job Scott Frost did in his first season at UCF.

There's plenty of good stuff here so make sure you give it a click and put it on in the background.

Huge thanks again to Andrew and Trace for having me on, and also thanks to Erik Kohler, who has always been a good friend going back to my college days at UCF.

Also thanks to Jason Beede, Andrew and Trace's intern, for helping make us look good.

Don't forget to follow our brothers in UCF podcasting at @UCF_Knightline. Subscribe to their show, if you don't already. You can also follow Erik at @eksports_radio.