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Summer Sessions: Al Miller and His Road to Redemption

Black & Gold Banneret Podcast: Summer Sessions

Al Miller, 2016. (Photo: Al Miller)
Al Miller, 2016. (Photo: Al Miller)

In a special two-part, uncut Summer Session on the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast, Jeff Sharon speaks with former UCF Men's Basketball point guard Al Miller.

Miller played at UCF from 1999-2003, but was suspended indefinitely in January of 2003 for his role in an armed robbery outside a downtown Orlando night club. In July of that year, days before his expected court date and facing a minimum of ten years in prison, Miller vanished.

This uncut conversation helps to fill in a lot of the gaps between then and now. He now resides back in his hometown of Washington, D.C., speaks to at-risk children and teenagers about his life, and is considering attending law school.

In Part 1, Miller recounts what brought him to UCF, how his UCF career ended, and what prompted his decision to face the music for a mistake in 2003 that cost him his freedom:

In Part 2, Miller recalls how he turned his life around from what happened in 2003, and what he is doing now:

Special thanks to Al for his candidness in this interview.

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