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UCF’s College GameDay Signs Were On Point

Here are some of the best.

Jeff Sharon

We’re not 100% sure, but UCF may have set a record for the most signs at ESPN College GameDay this past weekend.

There were certainly a lot of them, and they were good. Like, really good.

Here are some of the best.

Yes. Yes it does.

As a kid who grew up in Broward, I approve.

Bonus points for “G-Fives Matter.”

Bonus points for Underdog on the left.

RIP Stan.

Hunter Pence Sign references always kill me.

So far, yep.

Kid doesn’t know I used to park where he’s standing.

Brought to you by every UCF Media Guide.

To be fair, Kirk played in the Big Ten.

Nah, it’s the line for Harry Potter.

True statement, Biggie.

And of course, a message for Mr. Herbstriet from your friends at UCF:

Cheers to all the UCF Knights fans who went to College GameDay for their creativity, knowledge and cleverness. Those are the three key elements of the perfect College GameDay sign.