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Media Round-Up: Talking UCF on NPR and in New Orleans

UCF-LSU talk is heating up in advance of the Fiesta Bowl.

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Taj McGowan UCF
Taj McGowan
Derek Warden

Not to brag or anything, but I was on a couple of radio shows of late to talk about UCF.

First, last Friday, I hopped on Intersection with Matthew Peddie on WMFE here in Orlando (NPR, baby!) to talk about the UCF Knights’ year and the state of sports in Orlando. Listen at this link.

Side note: Make sure you subscribe to their podcast, too.

Also, yesterday, I joined Sports 1280 in New Orleans to talk with Chris Gordy about UCF and the Fiesta Bowl against the LSU Tigers:

Thanks to Chris for having me on.

The talk is heating up for January 1st. To be honest, it cannot come soon enough.