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ICYMI: Josh Heupel on UCF Football's 6 Newest Recruits


UCF Football head coach Josh Heupel addresses the media on National Signing Day, Feb. 7. (Photo: Brian Murphy)
UCF Football head coach Josh Heupel addresses the media on National Signing Day, Feb. 7. (Photo: Brian Murphy)

UCF Football head coach Josh Heupel and his staff welcomed six new Knights on National Signing Day last week. With the addition of UCF's pickups during the early-signing period, the first-year head coach's first class contains 19 players. He talked about each of the six latest signees with the media Wednesday.


"6-4, 300-pounder that still has so much development in his frame as he continues to change his body composition. Going to be extremely athletic. Has great hands and hips and as he matures into his frame, like I said, he's going to be able to play laterally down the line of scrimmage. He's a body type that you're looking for inside. Has the ability to create and disrupt and make negative plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage. He's also going to command double-teams, which is important because it frees up your second level. ... Big, thick, wide-hipped body with long arms. Has an explosive first step."


"A kid that has played on both sides of the football. You watch his tape; as he got deeper into his senior year, got healthy, got more comfortable (after) missing time early and is an explosive player. Had an ACL injury; has overcome that. He is going to grow into his frame. He's all of 6-6. Broad shoulders, long arms. When he gets healthy and develops his lower body because of the time he missed, he's really going to have an explosive first step and have the ability to really get after the quarterback. ... We needed to add a pass-rusher off the edge; we think we got that in Landon. Love who he is as a person, his makeup, his approach every single day in all areas of his life. When he gets back and gets 100 percent, gets in the weight room and develops that lower body, I think he's going to be an extremely explosive player."

Grading UCF Football's 2013 Recruiting Class Five Years Later


"I have a long relationship with him. We recruited him a year ago when we were at Missouri. [Offensive line coach Glen Elarbee] went out and saw him. His high school coach is actually a guy that I know extremely well, Troy Hoff; he played for my dad up at a Divison-II school in South Dakota ... So I got a really good understanding of who and what he is as a person. Had been committed to South Carolina for a long time, someone that we had continued to develop a relationship with and at the end of the day, we were able to get him to be a part of what we're doing. He's big. He's long-armed. He's physical. He is just a young kid that's growing into his frame. He's only 17 years old. He'll be on campus and still only be 17. He's got a lot of upside."


"Two long athletes that have the ability, if you watch their tape from beginning to end, they attack the football. Trey Green had 15 interceptions in the past two seasons. Dyllon Lester, if you watch his tape, he attacks the ball, rips it out. He's a ballhawk. They're both great athletes in their own respect. Dyllon's a guy that would be on elite-level relay teams. He's got a chance to be close to a 24-foot long-jumper this year. Trey is a great basketball player and special on the track as well. As you get to know those guys, I think as good as they are athletically on the field and you see that in their tape, they're phenomenal young people too, and I think, because of that, have a chance to be extremely special players."


"To start off, he's got legit track speed. He was 10.4 as a junior and ran multiple times and he is a guy that's got a chance to be 10.3, maybe a little bit below that this year. 6-foot, 190 pounds. He's strong. He's got a mature frame on him. He's made a bunch of plays. Played in a highly competitive district out there in Dallas, Texas. I think that when you can add that type of athleticism to your overall group, it's got a chance to force a lot of competition. Because of his maturity, I think he's got a chance to come in here and compete right away."