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Let's Watch Some Adrian Killins Highlights

We Miss Football Season

Adrian Killins (Photo: Derek Warden)
Adrian Killins (Photo: Derek Warden)

We are 114 days away from college football season, and Adrian Killins is still the most electrifying player in all of college football. This is not debatable:

Props to Grierson Highlights with the video.

He's on the verge of history at UCF. Coming into 2018, Killins is averaging 6.45 yards per carry for his career. The all-time school leader with a minimum of 200 rushes is Marquette Smith with 5.49 yards per tote (Killins has 173 carries coming into this season).

I don't know exactly how Josh Heupel plans to use AK in his offense, but we know he's going to get the ball in space. A lot. Personally, I'd like to see him return kicks more often too, but most of all, I'd like to see him stay healthy and NOT run between the tackles so much.

As spectacular as the start to Killins' career has been at UCF, the best may yet be ahead of him.