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EXCLUSIVE: New UCF Softball Head Coach Cindy Ball-Malone Joins Our Podcast

Black & Gold Banneret Podcast EXCLUSIVE

Cindy Ball-Malone UCF Softball Head Coach
UCF Head Softball Coach Cindy Ball-Malone [Photo: UCF Athletics]

Listen below as UCF's new head softball coach Cindy Ball-Malone joins Jeff Sharon for her first interview since coming to Orlando on the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast.

Coach Ball-Malone, or "Coach Bear," as she is known, was hired by UCF on June 27th. She comes to Orlando from Boise State, where she won the Mountain West Championship in 2017.

A few highlights from the show:

  • The origins of "Coach Bear"
  • Her famous high school battery mate
  • How she got into coaching
  • Which Central Floridian is her favorite ballplayer of all time

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