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Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn Spend SEC Media Days Talking About UCF

Exactly What They Wanted to Do

UCF's National Champions Marquee at Spectrum Stadium. (Photo: Derek Warden)
UCF's National Champions Marquee at Spectrum Stadium. (Photo: Derek Warden)

UCF is spending so much time in the respective heads of the SEC that it should be paying rent at this point. Take this year's SEC Media Days.

As was to be expected, UCF was a topic of conversation for both Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn. And let me tell you how much they enjoyed that.

First, Nick Saban on Opinions

First up was Nick Saban, head coach of the defending co-national champion Alabama Crimson Tide, who was really having a good time.

Look at his face. God, I love it.

"You're entitled to your opinion; I'm entitled to mine." Yes, Nick, thanks for that insightful tautology, as usual.

Hey Nick, how about this opinion:

But wait, in 2012 you said:

So which one is it Nick?

To be fair, Nick Saban is a professional at changing his opinion of things at breakneck speed. Just ask Miami Dolphins fans.

But let's give Nick some credit here - The one thing he is consistent about is his team winning games.

His thoughts on college football's national championship, however, are anything but.

Next, Gus Malzahn on Eggs

Thursday it was Gus Malzahn's turn. The head coach of the team that UCF beat in the 2018 Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl offered a convenient excuse for his team's defeat:

Gus Malzahn is the college football equivalent of Fat Charlie the Archangel.

He is also speaking out of both sides of his mouth when he said his team laid an egg, but let's not take anything away from UCF.


Oh and now he's brainwashed the rest of them too:

Stidham, lest we recall, was 28/43 for 331 yards and a TD in the Peach Bowl, but got fooled into two 4th-quarter picks, including a pick-6. He also got sacked six times behind his vaunted SEC-level offensive line.

They didn't lay an egg. They got their ass beat. Beat just like...

Finally, the SEC on Itself

Let's bring Cousin Nicky back in here for a sec.

Saban and Malzahn both floated the idea that the SEC should think about expanding the conference season to nine games, leaving just three open for non-con match-ups. This is clearly a ploy to further screw over non-Autonomous Five schools since we know the SEC won't give up its cupcake week in November, while also fillings its coffers even more:

I mean, why stop there, guys? Let's float a 14-game SEC schedule while we're at it. You all play each other. And the opener is the Spring Game.

What are we doing here, people?

It has gotten to the point where the SEC's gravity is collapsing in on itself. To do this would not only lend further ammo to the argument UCF has been making for nine months but would constitute evidence of flat-out anti-competitive behavior.

We are left with but one conclusion: The SEC Bubble is real. It's going to be fun to watch it burst.