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Jermaine Taylor Is Lighting Up Big3 Right Now

Season-High 18 points last time out

Photo: YouTube/Jermaine Taylor
Photo: YouTube/Jermaine Taylor
Jermaine Taylor

Former UCF Basketball star Jermaine Taylor is lighting the Big3 on fire in the last four weeks. In the league's most recent stop in Toronto, JT scored a season-high 18 against the 3-Headed Monsters squad in the league's Week 6 stop in Toronto.

Jermaine posted a highlight reel on his Facebook page of his performance. While we can't embed it, you can WATCH HERE.

Although his team, the Ball Hogs, has struggled to a 1-5 record, here's what Jermaine has done over the course of the Big3 season so far:

Week Opponent PTS REB FGs 3FGs
1 Power 0 0 0 0
2 Tri-State 7 2 3 1
3 Ghost Ballers 15 5 5 3
4 3's Company 14 2 5 2
5 Killer 3's 9 7 2 1
6 3-Headed Monsters 18 5 6 4
Averages (Last 5 Games) 12.6 4.2 4.2 2.2

He's also shooting 37.9% (11/29) from three-point range, which is 6th among all Big3 players with at least 10 attempts, and is tied for 3rd in the league in total threes made with 11, two behind his teammate, DeShawn Stevenson.

He's also shooting 40% (21/52) from the field overall, which is tops on his team among qualifiers.

The Ball Hogs have two regular season games left the next two Fridays - this week in Boston and next week in Atlanta.

Jermaine turns 32 on December 8th, and with NBA camps coming up, some franchises that are struggling to find scoring (HELLO, ORLANDO MAGIC) would be remiss if they didn't give him a shot.