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UCF Head Coach Scott Calabrese on Why Making Soccer a Two-Semester Sport Needs To Happen

Coaches Favor Major Shift to College Soccer's Calendar

UCF Head Men’s Soccer Coach Scott Calabrese.
UCF Head Men's Soccer Coach Scott Calabrese. (Photo: UCF Athletics)

In the latest edition of the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast, UCF Head Men's Soccer Coach Scott Calabrese discusses at length why he and many of his colleagues in the coaching ranks think college soccer needs to become a two-semester sport, similar to golf and tennis.

The reasons why include (but are not limited to) concerns over player health and providing better opportunities to grow the sport at the college level in the United States.

Listen to Calabrese on the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast with Jeff Sharon and Eric Lopez below. The discussion about the change begins at the 8:10 mark:

Calabrese and his team begin their season with an exhibition match on Saturday, August 11. You can follow UCF Men's Soccer at @UCF_MSoccer on Twitter.