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UPDATED: UCF vs. North Carolina CANCELED due to Hurricane Florence

No makeup date announced

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Image: Wikimedia Commons

UPDATE: UCF has announced the game is officially canceled:

UCF also stated that it is "unlikely" the game will be replaced on the schedule due to the Knights' bye week coming before a Thursday night game with Temple.

Speculation had been running rampant that, since Nebraska and UCF shared an open date that weekend, and Nebraska also had their opener against Akron wiped due to weather, that perhaps Scott Frost's Cornhuskers might be added to the schedule. UCF appears to have squashed that rumor:

Tickets for the game will be automatically refunded:

UPDATE - UNC Police has announced that classes are canceled at UNC Chapel Hill from 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Students are being advised to leave the Chapel Hill area in advance of Hurricane Florence by Wednesday:

From the link in the tweet above:


Guys, it's not looking good for Saturday's game between UCF and North Carolina. Hurricane Florence is headed straight for the Carolinas just in time for UCF's date with the Tar Heels.

The storm is expected to reach the Carolinas by Thursday, and then slowly stay over the area, lashing it with rain and wind for a few days. Here's the Monday 5 p.m. ET Advisory from the National Hurricane Center:

Eric Burris of WESH in Orlando is not adding any optimism as of Monday night:

The forecast for the week puts eastern North Carolina squarely in the crosshairs of pretty bad winds, especially along the coast, but also just as dangerous, some heavy rain inland. Note that Chapel Hill is located in that red part there:

Nothing about the game has been announced yet, but we expect that to change probably pretty soon. Kickoff is currently still scheduled for Saturday at noon on ESPNU.

Should the game be changed, moved, or canceled, this would mark the second time in as many years that a UCF game against an ACC opponent has been affected in some way by a hurricane.

Last year, UCF's game with Georgia Tech got wiped from the slate because of Hurricane Irma. That game has been re-scheduled for 2022. Irma also forced UCF's regular season meeting with Memphis back in the schedule, and the Knights picked up a game with Austin Peay to make up for the lost home date.

Again, no changes have yet been announced, but as you can expect, everyone is "closely monitoring the situation":

UCF's game is one of several in the Carolinas that either has been or will be affected in some way by the storm, assuming things continue as they look:

Follow the National Hurricane Center for the latest updates.