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Yes, UCF Really Did Draw 44,257 Fans for the FAU Game

So why do some fans and media from out west think they didn't?

UCF celebrating a touchdown vs. FAU (Photo: UCF Athletics)
UCF celebrating a touchdown vs. FAU (Photo: UCF Athletics)

Dude, what is up with people?

Friday night's announced attendance for the UCF-FAU game was 44,257 fans:

This is in a stadium whose stated capacity is 44,206, which means Friday night's game was 100.12% full.

Yet, people in USF's orbit seem to think this is #FakeNews:

Note the band on the field pre-game in this one:

Not even Tampa media is safe from this disease:

Again, presented for your consideration, evidence of a full stadium:

Photo: UCF Athletics
Photo: UCF Athletics

UCF Running outPhoto: UCF Athletics

Now, before you freak out, the above picture was taken as UCF was running onto the field before the game, and those bleachers you see are in the northwest corner, which is always the last to fill.

Let us continue:

Notice I haven't called out USF's attendance. There's a Twitter account for that.

Back to UCF: I just don't get people, man. You can confront someone with multiple examples of visual evidence of a fact and it still just doesn't matter. In the most photographed and videoed time in history, there are still legions of people who think all of it is faked. Don't you know how hard it would be for that many people to unanimously uphold a conspiracy of this scale?

It would not make any USF fan any less of a person to admit their team has attendance issues while acknowledging UCF has done a very good job of improving its attendance over the last couple of years (shout-out to Danny White and UCF Marketing and Fan Development). Yet, this is apparently not an option for how to react.

Tribalism is a hell of a drug.

I know I'm not going to get anyone to admit they're wrong here, but this is a teachable moment for UCF fans.

Eventually, the truth shall set you free. No amount of trolling from USF fans should encourage UCF fans to engage with such B.S. arguments on social media. If they want to throw stones, fine. Hel'' they're going to say all of these photos are either doctored or not from Friday night anyway, even though they are.

The point is that it doesn't matter what they say. We know the truth.