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UCF Looks Mortal, Still Shuts Out South Carolina State 38-0

Instant Reaction

Quarterback McKenzie Milton (Photo: Derek Warden)
Quarterback McKenzie Milton (Photo: Derek Warden)

Sometimes a win can look great on paper but awful on tape. That was the case with UCF's home opener against FCS South Carolina State. UCF won 38-0, but was, well, meh.

Here's your instant reaction:



McKenzie Milton didn't look great. He finished 21/39 for 243 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions. He could have tossed two more. It looked like he was just greedy at times, and had some bad breaks, but mostly he was just...blech.

Let's not panic yet, but KZ has now tossed six interceptions in his last two home games (The AAC Championship vs. Memphis and tonight). Not great.

It wasn't THAT bad

Consider that UCF:

  • Gave up zero points
  • Outgained them 566-257
  • Rushed for 316 yards
  • Averaged 6.3 yards per play
  • Had a 20-play, 94-yard drive that resulted in a touchdown
  • Had four other TD drives, all of which lasted less than 45 seconds
  • Forced three turnovers and blocked a field goal


And we're complaining about UCF's 15th straight win. My how things have changed.

The fans showed out

If UCF didn't quite bring it on the field, the fans certainly did:

The biggest home opener? The first game in the stadium against Texas in 2007.

Fun Fact

UCF has played South Carolina State three times since 2008, and has never given up a point.

  • 2008: 17-0
  • 2016: 38-0
  • 2018: 38-0

Final Thoughts

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