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UCF Women’s Basketball at UConn Was the Most-Watched UCF Women’s Game since 2015

Plus a look at the most-watched UCF women’s sporting events since 2015.

Sydnee McDonald
Sydnee McDonald
Derek Warden

The UCF Knights’ Women’s Basketball game at the UConn Huskies on January 27th was watched by 313,000 viewers on ESPN2, making it the most-watched UCF Women’s Basketball game on ESPN’s family of networks.

The Huskies’ national brand helps those numbers, but the Knights’ success since the arrival of head coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson has given the program more exposure on TV this season than in the past, with games televised on ESPN2 and ESPNU.

UCF’s 66-63 over USF on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3) was televised on ESPN2 and had 149,000 viewers, which is the most-watched UCF game on ESPN family networks in recent history that did not involve UConn. That is almost five times more the audience when UCF and USF played on January 24, 2016 on ESPNU.

Believe it or not, the most-watched UCF women’s sporting event on TV prior to the UCF-UConn game on January 27th was UCF Softball’s regional final game at #1 Florida on May 21, 201,6 which had 246,000 viewers on ESPN2, and is the most watched UCF non-Football-or-basketball game in the Orlando market.

Here are how UCF’s women’s sports have done in the TV ratings since 2015:

  1. Women’s Basketball: UCF at UConn (Jan 27, 2019 on ESPN2) - 313,000 viewers
  2. Softball: UCF at Florida (May 21, 2016 on ESPN2) - 246,000 viewers*
  3. Women’s Basketball: USF at UCF (Feb 3, 2019 on ESPN2) - 149,000 viewers
  4. Softball: Tulsa at UCF (May 9, 2015 on ESPN2) - 139,000 viewers
  5. Softball: UCF at South Florida (May 5, 2016 on ESPNU) - 124,000 viewers

(* NOTE: This was the most-watched UCF women’s sporting event ever within the Orlando Market with a 0.4 rating)