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UCF Football Season Tickets Are SOLD OUT for 2019

UCF has sold out all 28,000 season tickets at Spectrum Stadium for the upcoming season.

Photo: UCF Athletics Photo Courtesy: UCF Athletics

For the first time in the history of the program, all season tickets for the UCF Knights’ 2019 football season are sold out.

UCF A.D. Danny White broke the news today via Twitter:

All 28,000 seats at the Bounce House are bought and paid for through the season. Pretty remarkable what a 25-game winning streak will do for you.

Word is from Pat Clarke that UCF is now starting a season ticket waiting list.

Now, there are a couple of things we have to specify here:

Spectrum Stadium seats 44,206. The number of seats allotted for season ticket is 28,000. The rest is allotted for single-game sales, student tickets and opponents’ fans.

This was clearly one of White’s main goals when he got to UCF, since it boosts the program’s prestige, but also - and more importantly - its revenue. You don’t need a degree in economics to know that when demand out-strips supply, prices go up.

Whether each game is sold out is another story. As you can see from the last two seasons, it’s been above 90% since Black Friday 2017:

UCF Home Attendance since 2017

Date Opponent Attendance % Sold
Date Opponent Attendance % Sold
8/31/2017 FIU 38063 86.1%
9/30/2017 Memphis 34022 77.0%
10/14/2017 ECU 40287 91.1%
10/28/2017 Austin Peay 27606 62.4%
11/11/2017 UConn 29384 66.5%
11/24/2017 South Florida 47129 106.6%
12/2/2017 Memphis (AACCG) 41433 93.7%
9/8/2017 SC State 43269 97.9%
9/21/2018 FAU 44257 100.1%
9/29/2018 Pittsburgh 44904 101.6%
10/6/2018 SMU 40856 92.4%
11/1/2018 Temple 41153 93.1%
11/10/2018 Navy 44738 101.2%
11/17/2018 Cincinnati 47795 108.1%
12/1/2018 Memphis 45176 102.2%

Detractors will whine about technicalities and point to Nebraska’s NCAA record 360+ game sellout streak (a monumental achievement in itself), but the bottom line is UCF Athletics is now maximizing its revenue on the balance sheet, and that’s good news for UCF.

What that bodes for the future is anybody’s guess.