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UCF Knights All-Decade Teams: Men’s Soccer

A decade of success on the college and pro pitch

Derek Warden

The 2010s were a productive decade for the UCF Knights men’s soccer program. Despite some fans on social media openly speculating about the program’s future, the Knights have launched themselves into national contention with four NCAA trips and a multitude of MLS draftees, from Warren Creavalle and Kevan George to this year’s draftees, Cal Jennings and Jonathan Dean.

As always, to qualify, a player had to have played at least one season for UCF between 2010-2019.

Here are our picks:

UCF Men’s Soccer All-Decade Team

Pos Player Years Stats
Pos Player Years Stats
F Cal Jennings 2016-2019 46 goals
F Mattias Pyysalo 2014-2017 32 goals
F Romario Williams 2012-2014 18 goals
M Warren Creavalle 2008-2011 37gm 5 Goals
M Yoni Sorokin 2017-present 50gm 11 goals
M Louis Perez 2017-present 51gm 7 goals
M Kevan George 2009-2011 73gm 6 goals
D Yanis Leerman 2018-present 32 games
D Jonathan Dean 2016-2019 49 gm 11 asst
D Ben Hunt 2009-2012 73gm 8 Goals
GK Yannik Oettel 2017-present 1.08 GAA
F Hadji Barry 2014-2015 33gm 11 goals
F DeShorn Brown 2012 16gm 13 goals
M Nik Robson 2009-2011 28 goals
D Andrew Quintana 2009-2012 74 games
GK Shawn Doyle 2009-2011 1.26 GAA
Starters in bold