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Mike Kruczek Discusses the Old Days of UCF Football on The Beat of Sports

Coach Kruz’s tells how far UCF has come since he arrived in 1985

Sporting News Archive
Mike Kruczek as head coach of UCF in 2003
Photo by Bob Leverone/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Mike Kruczek was at UCF for 19 years - 13 as QB coach and offensive coordinator under Gene McDowell and six as head coach. In that time, he saw first-hand how the UCF Knights Football program grew from a nearly bankrupt Division II also-ran to a budding big-time program. Although he wasn’t at UCF for the Knights’ growth into a budding national power, his influence is still felt at the school today.

On Thursday’s edition of The Beat of Sports with Marc Daniels, Kruczek discusses his playing career with the Pittsburgh Steelers and later moving into coaching and coming to UCF:

Kruczek has been the head coach at Trinity Prep in Winter Park since 2013.