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UCF-Georgia Tech is Still On. Here’s What We Know About the Anticipated Match-up Based On Your Reactions

Not complaining but… How the heck did UCF manage to keep its game with Georgia Tech?

Todd Kirkland/Getty Images, Derek Warden

Neither a hurricane nor a pandemic was able to keep the UCF Knights from facing the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets this fall.

The same can’t be said for UNC, but that’s a different story.

The Atlantic Coast Conference released its 2020 football schedule Thursday after previously announcing it would move to a 10-plus-one conference-only scheduling model.

At first, UCF was out of the conversation. Then a caveat in the scheduling model came to light: the non-conference opponent could be chosen by the school and the game must be played in the home state of the ACC institution.

In other words, Georgia Tech can play whomever they want as long as they play in Georgia.

With that being said, the UCF Knights are taking a trip to Atlanta on Sept. 19. The game was previously scheduled on Sept. 18.

Although UNC hasn’t picked a non-conference opponent yet, it can’t be UCF because its non-conference game falls on the same week as the Knights’ trip to Atlanta.

The announcement comes after UCF AD Danny White told the media on Wednesday he was “very optimistic” the UCF-Georgia Tech game wouldn’t go anywhere.

“Very optimistic about the Georgia Tech game in particular,” he said. “I think the way that our fans travel, even in a lower-capacity situation, which we’re all probably looking at, we’re an attractive home game for them. I know our coaches, our student-athletes and our fans are really excited about that.”

UCF fans are also optimistic about keeping the game on the schedule.

Here’s what we know about the match-up between the Knights and the Yellow Jackets based on your reactions:

We all had the same question...

But this clears it up. As long as the game is in the home state of the ACC institution, the game can still happen

It’s all about give and take. We get Georgia Tech but we also might get a rough hurricane season. Is it worth it?

Will we even have a football season? Danny White has plans ready if we do and if we don’t. But either way, at least the game wasn’t canceled

FSU picked Samford. Miami picked UAB. Virginia Tech picked Liberty. Georgia Tech picked UCF. He’s right.

UCF is the only AAC team to play an ACC team this fall. We’re just built different, I guess.

Speaking of a hard out-of-conference schedule, some Georgia Tech fans are a bit nervous about their record this season.

But hey, at least they’re ready to face the music:

He said it, not me!

We’ll be there, don’t worry. Bobby Dodd Stadium. Sept. 19.

Daniella Medina is a contributing writer for the Black & Gold Banneret. Follow her on Twitter @danimedinanews.