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Knight Shift: Cincinnati 56, UCF 21

They played like the #3 team in the country, alright

UCF v Cincinnati Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

On this edition of Knight Shift, Eric Lopez, Andrew Gluchov and Bryson Turner react and analyze the UCF Knights’ 56-21 loss on the road to the No. 3-ranked Cincinnati Bearcats.

The trio analyze the progression of the UCF offense under true freshman QB Mikey Keene, address the special teams miscues made during the game, and what it all means for UCF going forward. There was also a developing story throughout the live stream about Head Coach Gus Malzahn quickly leaving Cincinnati to attend to a family emergency.

Watch here:

A huge thank you to all of the viewers that tuned in live, but in case you wanted to quickly tune in to the Georgia-Kentucky or Iowa-Purdue games (we don’t blame you), you can watch us now on-demand along with every other episode of Knight Shift.

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