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SBN Reacts: How Do UCF Fans Feel About the New Transfer Rules?

Knight fans sound off about new transfer rules

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McKenzie Milton as a Seminole
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With the college basketball season officially over, programs have wasted no time turning the page to next season. Coaches are building rosters while players make big decisions on where they want to play.

A one-time rule change has made things a bit different this off-season. Unlike other years, every player who transfers this off-season is allowed to immediately play next year. While the NCAA has been allowing this to happen more regularly in the past few years, players were still required to make a case for why they should be able to play, with some still being denied.

Nearly three-fourths of fans around the country said they like the rule change.

For now, the rule change is just in place for this off-season and will return to the way it was next year. Just over half of college basketball fans want the rule change to be in place permanently.

With the increased ability to change teams and play immediately, it would be understandable for fans to expect dramatic changes to the roster. However, 42 percent of fans think there will be no net change. 30 percent of fans think their favorite team will add more players via the transfer portal than lose, while 27 percent believe the inverse.

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