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Let’s Break Down the Weird Pine Tar Incident Between UCF and Memphis

Arguments, reversals, ejections, and George Brett himself

Greg Lovelady argues with the umpires Sunday at Memphis

The UCF Knights and Memphis Tigers broke baseball yesterday.

Long story short, in the top of the first, UCF’s Andrew Sundean had a 3-run homer called back due to too much pine tar on his bat, and after a bunch of arguments, two ejections (including UCF head coach Greg Lovelady), and nearly a fight, the home run was reinstated.

Here’s a video breakdown of the whole thing:

Here’s the un-narrated highlight:

Oh, and yes, George Brett himself got involved:

UPDATE: Coach Lovelady went on with Marc Daniels on The Beat of Sports to discuss the whole thing. You can hear the entire interview here, with the meat of it starting at around the three-minute mark:

The end result: UCF won 15-6, and the Knights are now 5-1 in conference.