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Conference Realignment

It’s Official: UCF to Join the Big 12 in July 2023

UCF, Cincinnati and Houston reach buyout agreement with The American

Mohajir: UCF Men’s Soccer Expects to Join Sun Belt

UCF’s A.D. tells Jeff and Eric on the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast

Which Conference Will UCF Men’s Soccer Call Home?

The Big 12 doesn’t sponsor Men’s Soccer, so where will the Knights land when the realignment music stops?

UCF and the Big 12: It’s Been a Long Road

Finally UCF has hit the big time

THREAD: UCF Officially Joins the Big 12 Conference

The ink is finally dry.

This stream has:

UCF Joins the Big 12 Conference

Follow the latest on the Knights’ big move

Reports: UCF Has Applied for Membership in the Big 12, Vote Scheduled for Friday

One step closer

How Moving to the Big 12 Affects UCF’s Olympic Sports

UCF steps up in competition, but not as much as you think in some sports

UCF to the Big 12: Unanswered Questions

We consider some big questions we still have about UCF’s potential move

Multiple Reports: UCF To Be Invited to the Big 12 Next Week

Knights reportedly joining Big 12 along with BYU, Cincinnati and Houston

PODCAST: Brandon Helwig on Spring Football and Wichita State

Black & Gold Banneret Podcast

PODCAST: Previewing #FirstFrost, plus More Big 12 Expansion this episode of th…

Does Big 12 Deregulation Doom UCF's Power 5 Hopes?

UCF and the Power Five