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Film Room

Film Room: Breaking Down UCF’s Passing Attack vs. Cincinnati’s Pass Defense

The unstoppable force meets the immovable object

UCFilmRoom: How UCF Finally Tackled the “Drop 8” Philosophy Against Tulane

Breaking down UCF using the middle more effectively

#UCFilmRoom: Utilizing the Middle of the Field, Falling Behind the Chains, and some 4th Down Math

A deeper look into the numbers behind some key situations in UCF’s loss to Tulsa

FILM ROOM: How UCF’s Offense Uses Pre-snap Personnel and Formations to Attack Defenses

Examining the numbers behind how Josh Heupel’s offense goes after opponents

Marlon Williams Is Poised for a Big Senior Season in 2020

Williams emerged as a major threat to defenses in the final seven games of 2019

FILM ROOM: How Can UCF Beat the Bearcats’ Defensive Front?

ABC primetime viewers are in for a treat on Saturday night: A game between one of the fastest offenses in the nation going against one of the nastiest defensive fronts.

FILM ROOM: Titus Davis has exceeded expectations at defensive end

Senior linebacker-turned-defensive end has keyed UCF’s pass rush

UCF QB McKenzie Milton and the Art of Escapability

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