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The AAC Championship Could Help Break UCF’s Football Attendance Record

The Knights are one sellout away from a new high in season attendance per game

Spectrum Stadium Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It was just last season that I wrote this story on the UCF Knights’ attendance struggles despite their success on the field. Not only did it bother passionate fans, but it bothered the previous coaching staff as well.

Here we are, 20 wins, a conference championship, a Peach Bowl win and a National Championship later, and UCF is averaging 7,000 more fans per game compared to 2017. With the right crowd this Saturday for the AAC Championship Game, a new record for season attendance average could be set.

The chart below shows UCF’s attendances averages dating back to the 2003 season. As you can see, the current record was set in 2007, UCF’s first season in Spectrum Stadium.


Season Average
Season Average
2003 24,315
2004 19,952
2005 28,462
2006 31,569
2007 44,018
2008 39,596
2009 38,078
2010 39,614
2011 34,283
2012 34,608
2013 42,084
2014 37,812
2015 30,065
2016 35,802
2017 36,846
2018 43,853

To set a new record, there will need to be at crowd of at least 45,180 on hand to see UCF take on Memphis for the conference title. This would be UCF’s second largest crowd of the season and would put Spectrum Stadium almost 1,000 fans over capacity. It is definitely doable as shown against Cincinnati when 47,795 fans packed the Bounce House while the world was watching on ABC.

Last year’s conference championship game drew just 41,433 fans, but this is a new season. There’s a lot more emotion behind this year’s game and there’s a lot more on the line. I have no doubt doubt that Spectrum Stadium will be sold out.

So what do you say Knight Nation? Are you up for the challenge?