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The Ringer Pretty Much Nails UCF’s Playoff Argument

It’s the oligarchy, stupid.

Derek Warden

Check out this video from Rodger Sherman of The Ringer, who pretty much nails the UCF Knights’ argument for inclusion in the College Football Playoff:

Nicely done. Wish I had this on hand before Christmas with the folks. And I’m not alone:

We’ve gone over this before in depth, but Rodger breaks it down in societal terms: It’s the oligarchy, stupid.

College Football has an oligarchy. UCF is trying to break into that oligarchy. The oligarchy isn’t having it. So UCF is rebelling. It’s that simple.

It’s also fun knowing how UCF continues to live rent-free in the minds of the college football oligarchy’s defenders in the media:

They hate UCF so much, they LOVE UCF.