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First Look: UCF Football’s Projected 2019 Two-Deep Depth Chart

Here’s who we think will be taking the field against FAMU come August 29th.

NCAA Football: Navy at Central Florida Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just 17 days away from kickoff of the UCF Knights’ 2019 football season, and now is the right time to take a look at a projected depth chart.



Pos First Team Second Team
Pos First Team Second Team
QB Brandon Wimbush (RSr.) Dillon Gabriel (Fr.)
RB Greg McCrae (Jr.)/Adrian Killins (Sr.) Otis Anderson (Jr.)
WR Gabe Davis (Jr.) Jacob Harris (RSr.)
WR Tre Nixon (RJr.) Ke'von Ahmad (RFr.)
WR Marlon Williams (Jr.) Otis Anderson (Jr.)
TE Jake Hescock (RJr.) Jonathon MacCollister (RSo.)
LT Trevor Elbert (RSr.) Edward Collins (RFr.)
LG Cole Schneider (RSo.) Lamarius Benson (RFr.)
OC Jordan Johnson (Sr.) Eric Seidelman (RFr.)
RG Sam Jackson (RSo.) Parker Boudreaux (RJr.)
RT Jake Brown (RSr.) Josh McMullen (Sr.)


I think Brandon Wimbush will be the one who gets the nod to start against FAMU. With that being said, there’s little room for error as Dillon Gabriel is the obvious better passer. The one thing you can’t see in scrimmages are the hidden yards that each quarterback can gain on the ground. That’s where I think Wimbush will shine the most and will give him the slight advantage to begin with.

Running Back

The Knights will have a running back by committee much like last year with Greg McCrae and Adrian Killins leading the charge. McCrae is the more traditional runner while Killins is the type of back you want to get in space where he’s untouchable. They will both share the large majority of the snaps out of the backfield. Expect to see more Bentavious Thompson, possibly in the same possible role that Taj McGowan played last season.

Wide Receiver

Not much has changed except for the departure of Dredick Snelson who declared early for the NFL Draft. I expect Marlon Williams to move into that slot role that Snelson held last season. I also expect to see some new names in the mix like Jacob Harris who shined on special teams last season.

Otis Anderson

I didn’t mention Otis in the running back or wide receiver preview because I wanted to talk about him on his own. He has all the potential in the world to have a breakout year whether it’s in the slot or out of the backfield. With guys like McGowan and Snelson no longer on the team, his playing time will definitely see an uptick. The biggest question has always been if he can embrace this role and make the best of it.

Tight End

Jake Hescock will likely be the first traditional tight end that UCF will start since Justin Tukes. The Wisconsin transfer is 6’7” 252 pounds compared to Michael Colubiale who was listed at 6’1” 223 pounds. Hescock did have a touchdown catch last season but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacob Harris is used mostly in that Colubiale, pass catching role this season.

Offensive Line

This offensive line is deep and talented. I think four of the five spots are pretty much locked up with left tackle being the one spot still up for grabs. If Ole Miss transfer Tony Gray is granted immediate eligibility, I think there’s a good chance he could be the other starting tackle along with Jake Brown. Brown returning for his final season is a huge deal for a group that essentially lost three starters in Bailey Granier, Tyler Hudanick and Wyatt Miller.



Pos First Team Second Team
Pos First Team Second Team
DE Randy Charlton (So.) Dedrion Bacote-Sweat (RJr.)
DT Kenny Turnier (RJr.) Noah Hancock (RJr.)
DT Brandon Wilson (RSr.) Mason Cholewa (RSo.)
DE Brendon Hayes (RSr.) Landon Woodson (RFr.)
OLB Nate Evans (Sr.) Shawn Burgess-Becker (RSr.)
ILB Eriq Gilyard (So.) Jeremiah Jean-Baptiste (Fr.)
OLB Eric Mitchell (RJr.) Tatum Bethune (Fr.)
CB Nevelle Clarke (RSr.) Aaron Robinson (RJr.)
SS Antwan Collier (Jr.) Jordan Hayes (RSr.)
FS Richie Grant (RJr.) Derek Gainous (So.)
CB Brandon Moore (RJr.) Tay Gowan (Jr.)

Defensive End

End is where UCF has the most experience returning on the defensive line for the upcoming season. Randy Charlton and Brendon Hayes having the starting spots locked down but the backup spots are definitely up for grabs. Converted linebacker Dedrion Bacote-Sweat should see himself in a third down pass rushing role. Other names to look for are converted linebacker Kalia Davis and Ohio State transfer Malik Barrow.

Defensive Tackle

The one area where most fans had the biggest concern is actually shaping up pretty nice. Kenny Turnier, a converted defensive end who played in 11 games last season, is transitioning nicely as well as Brandon Wilson who is a graduate transfer from Indiana. Another name to watch for is Cam Goode who is a transfer from Virginia Tech. We are still waiting to see if he will be eligible to play this season.


I actually think linebacker is where the Knights’ defense is the weakest in terms of depth. Look for a handful of true freshman to get a lot of playing time this season. Guys like Jeremiah Jean-Baptiste and Tatum Bethune have impressed coaches so far and have a good chance of finding themselves in backup roles.

Defensive Back

This is an experienced and talented defensive back group that is arguably the strongest position group of this team. The only spot where they have to replace a starter is at strong safety which should be held down by Antwan Collier and Duke transfer Jordan Hayes. Opposing quarterbacks beware of these ball hawks.

Special Teams

Special Teams

Pos First Team Second Team
Pos First Team Second Team
P Andrew Osteen (RFr.) Alan Kervin (Fr.)
PK Dylan Barnas (RSr.) Daniel Obarski (Fr.)
KO Daniel Obarski (RSr.) Dylan Barnas (RSr.)
LS Alex Ward (RSo.)
PR Otis Anderson (Jr.)
KR Adrian Killins (Sr.)


The punter spot is really up for grabs but I do think Barnas will be the place kicker for UCF this season. True freshman Daniel Obarski has a big leg and we should see him on kickoffs.


AK and Otis have been holding down the return game for a while but I’m curious to see how some young speedsters get worked into the mix. Guys like Ke’von Ahmad and Ryan O’Keefe came to UCF known for their speed so I wonder if they’ll get their chance to display that in the return game.