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McKenzie Milton Shares Good News in Interview with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt

The UCF quarterback will spend this season as a coach while continuing to progress toward his ultimate goal of playing again

McKenzie Milton said Tuesday the nerve in his right leg that was damaged last Novemeber “is basically back to 100 percent.”
Photo: Derek Warden

I had no plans to stay up past midnight Tuesday to see McKenzie Milton’s interview with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt in its first airing. I mean, what news could possibly come out of it, right? He’s not going to name the starting quarterback, is he? Nah, I was glad to get my 7-8 hours.

That is until I got up this morning and saw the interview. And I beg your pardon, because Milton did release an important and positive bit of news.

The lead takeaway:

“The nerve is basically back to 100 percent. Really, it’s now about strengthening up my leg. A lot of people with this injury, they never get their nerve back, so I’m definitely grateful. Like I said, I had some great doctors, and I was a lucky one that the nerve is coming back so fast.”

That is certainly something. Van Pelt is spot-on in the approach to his question; ligaments and bones can be repaired and healed, but a stretched nerve, as Milton sustained, basically recovers at an unpredictable rate. Even once the nerve returns to its previous form, that doesn’t mean it will fire and respond as it once did. To echo Van Pelt, Milton’s answer is fantastic to hear.

This also doesn’t mean Milton’s desired return to the field is now inevitable. But he is at least this much closer to achieving his goal.