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‘Covegating’ Is About to Become a Thing

UCF opens up reservations for tailgating at a lazy river

UCF Lazy River
The Lazy River is happening.
Image courtesy UCF Athletics

In UCF’s latest salvo in the college football facilities arms race, the athletic department is now taking reservations for “covegating” - that is, tailgating for home games at the forthcoming lazy river that will be built right next to Spectrum Stadium.

McNamara Cove, which is tentatively to be named after Tom and Stacey McNamara who helped fund its construction, will host UCF Knights student-athletes as a place to get away from it all during the week, but according to the athletic department’s web page, starting in 2020, it can host you and some 250 of your closest friends pregame for a cool $2500 per year:

Recover cove features
Image: UCF Athletics

That’s right, kids: food and beverage, hospitality, great parking, entertainment, not to mention dressing rooms and lockers so you can change into your Knights gear before the game.

Yes, this is extravagant. This is also a good idea. If you’re going to try and stand out in terms of fan experience, really stand out.

Plus it beats the hell out of a pirate ship.

NOTE: A previous version of this story said that this was according to a release from the athletic department, but actually it’s not from a release. It’s from a landing page. Our bad.