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‘Steal of the Draft Right Here!’ Brandon Marshall Touts Gabriel Davis

The former UCF Knights filmed a segment for NFL Media as Davis prepares for the upcoming draft

Gabriel Davis
Photo by Joe Petro/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This is the type of content all UCF Knights fans could use right now: Watching two of the university’s greatest wide receivers, Brandon Marshall and Gabriel Davis, talk ball.

Marshall shares some lofty compliments for Davis. In particular, he points out that some of the stuff Davis is already aware of in his game, Marshall, a possible future NFL Hall of Famer, didn’t learn until he was already deep into his pro career.

My lone gripe is that this video is only nine minutes long, because I would love to listen to this duo go long on the intracicies of the position, big and small.

Marshall closes the segment by calling Davis “the steal of the draft right here.” Marshall knows something about being a steal since he was the 119th pick in the 2006 draft. Likewise, Davis probably won’t hear his name called until Day 2 of next month’s NFL Draft. But he has shown a tireless desire to work and listen and work some more. Having a mentor such as Marshall can’t hurt either.

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They act like two legends can not coexist

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