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Another Positive Update on McKenzie Milton’s Recovery

Milton’s mother posted a photo of KZ and some encouraging words on social media Saturday

Stanford v Central Florida
UCF Knights QB McKenzie Milton
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Here is what McKenzie Milton’s mother, Teresa, posted on social media Saturday, per UCF Sports’ Brandon Helwig:

If you glance at this photo, you don’t see anything too remarkable. But that’s the point. Yes, if you study it, you can see some of the scarring on Milton’s right knee and how his left quadriceps has greater definiton. But really, those legs look pretty identical, which is remarkable in and of itself. Like Teresa wrote, this is evidence of a lot of arduous, repetitive work paying off.

This follows in a line of recent good news regarding Milton’s status. In January, he was cleared to switch from his bulky, restrictive knee brace to a sport-specific brace that gives him more freedom of movement.

Then UCF Football almost broke UCF Twitter last month with this clip:

It is still much too early to say that Milton will definitely play organized football again. We all know that’s his end goal, and he wants to do it for the UCF Knights. I wouldn’t bet against him. But for me, the true triumph is to see Milton one day simply walking and living as if what happened in Tampa about 17 months ago never happened.

It appears Milton is continuing to head toward that future apace.