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McKenzie Milton’s Long-Awaited, Pivotal Doctor’s Appointment is Nigh

Milton and his family flew up to Minnesota on Monday to meet with his surgeon

McKenzie Milton
Photo: Derek Warden

UCF Knights quarterback McKenzie Milton said in May that he needed to meet with his surgeon before having a clear idea of whether he would be able to play football this season. That meeting at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota was scheduled for the end of June.

“Hopefully when I go to Minnesota at the end of June, I’ll get some good news,” Milton said then. “... I hope that he clears me, but if he doesn’t, it is what it is. It’s been a long, hard process and I’ve learned patience throughout this. If I have to wait longer, so be it. If not, whatever he does clear me to do, then I’ll take that and run with it.”

We all waited patiently.

June came and went — nothing.

July came and went — nothing.

However, August? Well, someone go grab the Michael Scott GIF, because it’s happening.

Milton posted a photo on social media of himself inside a plane Monday. If there was any doubt what that meant, Jason Beede of 24/7 Sports squashed it.

Milton underwent a right knee reconstruction at the Mayo in January 2019. That was his fifth surgery following his gruesome knee injury a couple of months earlier.

From there, Milton has worked tirelessly to knock down all of the obstacles that stand between him and his return to organized football. He has spent nearly every day pushing to regain the strength and function he once lost in that right leg.

He has thrown passes in informal workouts with current and former teammates.

He has thrown passes on UCF’s practice field.

Milton still doesn’t know if he will be cleared to throw passes in a UCF game this season. But it appears he and the rest of us will finally get an answer in the very near future. Stay tuned.