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UCF’s Football Stadium Has a New Name

It’s a fun, familiar moniker for many Knights fans

UCF Football Stadium, Bounce House
The Bounce House
Photo Courtesy: UCF Athletics

“Bounce House” is no longer just a nickname for the UCF Knights’ football stadium.

Black and Gold Banneret confirmed Wednesday that Bounce House is indeed the stadium’s new official name. The change went into effect Aug. 1, according to a UCF Athletics spokesperson.

Bounce House!

Although it was originally known as Bright House Networks Stadium, the moniker of “Bounce House” was quickly attached during its 2007 inaugural season. In those early days, that place really rocked back and forth. I’ll attest that people in the stands and in the press box — present company included — were frightened at times with just how much the stadium swayed whenever the crowd would jump up and down to Zombie Nation’s “Kernkraft 400.”

The nickname stuck even after the stadium was reinforced shortly thereafter to reduce movement. Although it no longer feels like you are in the epicenter of a small earthquake, the stadium still shakes vigorously at times.

The stadium was renamed Spectrum Stadium in 2017 following a merger the year prior that saw Bright House Networks’ services become part of Charter Communications’ Spectrum brand.

The Bright House/Spectrum naming-rights deal expired this summer. There was a deal in place in December with, which reportedly would have paid UCF $35 million over 15 years to be the stadium’s newest sponsor, but it fell through. is already a field sponsor in football and holds the naming rights to the UCF men’s and women’s basketball court inside Addition Financial Arena.

The UCF Athletics Association stated in June that it did not anticipate the football stadium having a naming rights partner for the 2020 season.

And so, until the stadium does find a new official sponsor, it shall officially be known as “Bounce House.”