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Marlon Williams Signs with Houston Texans as Undrafted Free Agent

UCF’s leading receiver from 2020 is heading to Houston

Cincinnati vs UCF Photo by Conor Kvatek/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

The UCF Knights’ top wide receiver from 2020 has graduated to the NFL.

Marlon Williams is heading to the Houston Texans as an undrafted free agent after going unselected in the NFL Draft, according to his agency.

Williams was one of the surprises in the 2020 season for the Knights and finished in the Top 10 in receiving yards throughout the entire country last season. Despite an abbreviated year, Williams was still able to exceed 1000 yards for the first time in his collegiate career.

Williams is not the fastest receiver in the NFL Draft this year, but he could be one of the strongest. His biggest strength is his ability to break tackles and his NFL-like frame should help the Texans out big time.

Williams can take a five-yard catch in the slot and turn it into a 20-yard gain with his ability to fend off linebackers and defensive backs.

The Texans’ QB issues make this a bit of a risk, but given how quickly Marlon was snapped up after the draft ended, chances are they have big plans for him.