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Here Are Your Predictions for the 2022 Football Season

Check out the results of our fan prediction polls

Photo: Derek Warden

The results of our 2022 UCF Knights fan prediction polls are in!

We asked you to fill out our prediction form for every game this season, and give us your postseason predictions for the Knights.

Let’s start with the regular season:

UCF Fans 2022 Regular Season Predictions

Opponent H/A Win Loss
Opponent H/A Win Loss
South Carolina St. H 100.0% 0.0%
Louisville H 89.8% 10.2%
FAU A 98.0% 2.0%
Georgia Tech H 100.0% 0.0%
SMU H 79.6% 20.4%
Temple H 98.0% 2.0%
East Carolina A 93.9% 6.1%
Cincinnati H 77.6% 22.4%
Memphis A 69.4% 30.6%
Tulane A 98.0% 2.0%
Navy H 100.0% 0.0%
S. Florida A 98.0% 2.0%

The games you have the most apprehension about are, in order of most doubt:

  1. at Memphis
  2. Cincinnati
  3. SMU
  4. Louisville

Those are the only four that had double-digit percentages in the loss column.

Now for the postseason:

What is your AAC Championship matchup?

Most of you picked UCF to play and host, of course. But the interesting results are the opponents.

Again, most respondents picked Houston as the other team, with a fair amount picking Houston to host as well. There was, however, some love for Cincinnati making it as a road team.

The most-favored matchup: Houston at UCF

Who will win The American?

UCF is the clear favorite.

But again, some insight: Those fans who picked someone other than UCF favored Houston more than anyone.

Which bowl will UCF go to?

Naturally, a trip to the Cotton Bowl as the G5 New Years’ Six representatives is the favorite here.

Next closest: The Military Bowl, against an ACC team, followed by the Gasparilla Bowl in that unlabeled blue slice.

Will UCF win the bowl game?

Of course.

Thanks to all who participated in the predictions survey. We’ll revisit this at the end of the season to see how good you all are at making predictions.

Until then, let’s play some ball!