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Introducing UCF Throwback Classics

A new series looking back on some old UCF games from Andrew’s collection

NCAA College Football 2005
UCF QB Steven Moffett
Photo by Sean Meyers/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

Over the past number of months, I’ve been working at acquiring a slew of old UCF football games. Aside from getting them and sometimes having to edit them, that also means watching them. Some games I’ve had for many years while others are newly acquired. Here, we’re going old school and looking back at some of those classic games not currently on YouTube and maybe we’ll hit some games that are already available. While most of these games are wins, I do have some losses that had an impact on UCF’s football history.

Daunte Culpepper #8
UCF QB Daunte Culpeper
Getty Images

For the many games I was able to see in person or on television, I will give my observations as well as a recap of the game itself. Not only will we look back at these games that helped shape and define the UCF football program, but I plan on uploading them to YouTube so you all get to enjoy watching the history as much as I have. Every game has a story and I hope we can dive in and remember those stories. For our newer fans, I hope this helps gives you a bigger appreciation of UCF football.

Over time, I plan to get more UCF Knights games online. I’m always looking for more games, the method of getting them has ranged from as easy as YouTube file downloading to digitizing VHS cassettes. If you have some old classics, let me know as I’d love to talk about them and help share them with the world.

CUSA Championship - SMU v Central Florida
UCF RB Latavius Murray
Photo by Rick Dole/Getty Images

As with any old video file, the quality might be a bit choppy or grainy at times. Sometimes, pieces of the game might be missing. I apologize in advance as my audio/video editing skills are elementary at best and getting old games is like having an old car. It might be a bit beat up and not everything works, but we still love that old clunker. That, or it’s all we can afford.

Let’s have some fun, reminisce about the past, and watch some UCF football.

My YouTube channel can be found here.