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Here Are Our 2020 UCF Football Season Predictions

The Black & Gold Banneret Staff predict every UCF game. What’s your prediction?

Otis Anderson (Photo: Derek Warden)
Otis Anderson
Photo: Derek Warden

Behold, it’s season prediction time!

With just 72 hours to go until the UCF Knights’ 2020 season opener in Atlanta against Georgia Tech, I asked the staff to fill out their season predictions for every UCF game on the schedule (for now), including the American Championship Game, and a bowl game for good measure. We’ll keep track of this all season long.

Here they are:

Black & Gold Banneret Staff 2020 Season Predictions

Game Jeff Eric Brian Andrew Jeremy Dani Derek Anthony
Game Jeff Eric Brian Andrew Jeremy Dani Derek Anthony
@ Georgia Tech W W W W W W W W
Tulsa W W W W W W W W
@ Memphis W W W W L W L W
Tulane W W W W W W W W
@ Houston W W W W W W W W
Temple W W W W W W W W
Cincinnati W W W W L W W W
@ South Florida W W W W W W W W
AAC Championship CIN at UCF SMU at UCF SMU at UCF CIN at UCF MEM at CIN MEM at UCF MEM at UCF TLN at UCF
AACCG Result W W W W n/a W W W
Bowl Peach Peach Peach Peach Hawai'i Peach Peach Peach
Opponent Florida North Carolina Florida Georgia Fresno State Florida Georgia LSU
Result W W W L W W W L
Record 11-0 11-0 11-0 10-1 8-2 11-0 10-1 10-1
Predictions as of September 17th, 2020

As a hedge, if any games get canceled or added, we’ll adjust our predictions, but as of right now, these picks are all locked in for the season.

What’s your prediction? Another undefeated season? A crash back to earth? Something in the middle? Which bowl game will UCF go to? And will the Knights take their third conference title in four years?

Let us know in the comments section or via our Twitter feed at @UCF_Banneret, and follow us there, if you don’t already.