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Knights Beat Lipscomb to Get Back in Win Column

Knights rebound Lipscomb after Stetson upset

Photo by UCF Men’s Basketball

After a tough loss to Stetson last Sunday, the UCF Knights men’s basketball team got back in the win column, knocking off the Lipscomb Bisons 72-57.

The Knights looked much stronger in this game and stayed ahead on the scoreboard, only trailing for a short period at the start of the first half.

What went right in this game for the Knights? Let’s go over the key points.

A More Balanced Offensive Attack

After the last game head coach Johnny Dawkins said that the Knights could “rely solely on Jaylin (Sellers).” In this game, they didn’t have to. In fact, Sellers wasn’t even the team’s leading scorer.

The Knights used 14 players and nine of them scored points. Lipscomb on the other hand only had six players who scored, and two of those players only made one basket. Their guard Derrin Boyd was the Bisons’ leading scorer with 22 points, and Lipscomb was forced to rely on him. The Knights however didn’t have that issue.

Three separate players scored double-digit points. Sellers scored 16 and Marchelus Avery scored 12. The third player to score double digits was Darius Johnson and he was the Knights’ best player in this one. He recorded 19 points and three assists while going three-for-six from three-point range and was seven-for-12 overall.

After the game, Johnson credited his performance to him using his speed embracing a fast style of play.

“We wanna play at a fast pace,” Johnson said. “So I feel like I’m fast, I can get the ball up the court. If the defense doesn’t stop me I’m able to score. If they do I’m able to make a play for my teammates.”

Winning the Rebounding Battle

Neither team had the greatest shooting performance. Lipscomb shot under 40%, and the Knights were barely over that mark. So to win, the Knights, had to win the rebounding battle.

The Knights had 44 rebounds, compared to Lipscomb’s 30. More notably, the Knights had 14 offensive rebounds while Lipscomb only had three. Because of this, the Knights didn’t give up any second-chance points.

Ibrahima Diallo led the Knights with nine rebounds. After the game, Diallo claimed that his performance was just him doing what his team needed him to do.

“I feel like they needed me to play defense,” Diallo said. “Grab as many rebounds as I can.”

Forcing Turnovers

In addition to the rebound battle, the Knights also won the turnover battle. It wasn’t the cleanest performance on offense, as they turned the ball over 16 times. But they were able to make up for that by forcing 20 turnovers of their own.

After the game, Dawkins said that forcing turnovers was just something they had always done in games.

“That’s something we’ve done pretty much all year is force turnovers,” Dawkins said. “And we did it again tonight. So I thought our energy and defensive activity was good.”

What’s Next?

The Knights will be back home on Wednesday to take on the Jacksonville Dolphins at 7 p.m.