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Podcast #231 - Fall Sports in Trouble, plus Soccer Legend Winston DuBose

Jeff, Eric and Brian talk about the NCAA’s big upcoming decision on Olympic sports, plus Eric is joined by the legendary Winston DuBose

Winston DuBose (left)
Florida Sports Hall of Fame

On this edition of the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast, Jeff, Eric and Brian discuss the news of The American postponing fall Olympic sports until September 1st, and the potential ramifications of the NCAA’s upcoming Board of Governors meeting on Friday, and how that might dramatically affect the college sports landscape.

Then Eric is joined by UCF Knights Soccer legend and long-time professional goalkeeper Winston DuBose to talk about his career at UCF, his time in pro soccer, and his support of the program.

Finally, the guys discuss UCF Basketball’s scheduling of Michigan, and Eric’s rankings of the greatest UCF athletes and coaches of all time.

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