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Podcast #260 - Say It Ain’t So! Plus Tennis Preview with John Roddick

Jeff, Eric and Brian discuss reaction to Josh Heupel’s departure, plus hoops, Men’s Tennis head coach John Roddick and more

NCAA Football: Central Florida at South Florida
This guy is no longer UCF’s head coach.
Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

On this edition of the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast, Jeff, Eric and Brian recount the reaction to Josh Heupel’s departure from within UCF and what happens next. Then they recap Men’s and Women’s Hoops both getting key victories over ECU at home.

UCF’s Director of Tennis John Roddick joins the show to talk about the Men’s Tennis team’s 2021 season, and then the guys wrap with news from Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Cross Country.

This show was recorded on Thursday, January 28th.

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