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Podcast #293 - Terry Meets the Board, plus UCF Volleyball Preview

Jeff, Eric and Drew recap the new facilities news from Terry Mohajir’s Board of Trustees appearance, plus we preview Volleyball with Todd Dagenais

McKenna Melville Volleyball
McKenna Melville
Photo Courtesy: UCF Athletics

On this edition of the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast, Jeff, Eric and Drew begin by recapping Terry Mohajir’s appearance before the UCF Board of Trustees, where he unveiled his plans for expanding UCF’s facilities, including the Bounce House and Recovery Cove.

Then it’s time to preview the UCF Knights Volleyball team in-depth with head coach Todd Dagenais, as they prepare to chase their fourth straight American title.

Finally, they recap UCF’s first sporting event of the year, with Women’s Soccer wiping out Texas 4-0, and some football talk about the backfield after the injury to R.J. Harvey, and the pending transfer of former Auburn and Kentucky QB Joey Gatewood.

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