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Podcast #297 - The Great Apparel Debate plus Louisville Preview

Jeff, Eric and Drew preview Louisville and discuss the Nike/Adidas debate and the Big 12’s impact on all UCF sports

Trillion Coles
Photo: Derek Warden

On this edition of the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast, Jeff, Eric and Drew preview the UCF Knights-Louisville Cardinals game on Friday night and discuss what they learned from UCF’s first two games. Then they wade into the discussion of UCF possibly changing its apparel provider from Nike to Adidas.

Eric and Jeff weigh in on how moving to the Big 12 will affect all of UCF’s sports, including what happens with Men’s Soccer, since the Big 12 doesn’t carry that sport.

Finally, Bryson Turner joins to talk about Soccer, Volleyball, and Cross Country, and we wrap with news on Cal Bloom in WWE NXT.

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