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Podcast #344 - UCF Media Day

Jeff, Bryson, Drew and Kyle discuss the going on from UCF Football Media Day, plus revenue numbers and scheduling

Gus Malzahn talks to the press at 2022 UCF Football media Day
Photo: Jeff Sharon

On this edition of the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast, Jeff, Bryson, Drew and Kyle recap UCF Knights Football Media Day, and we hear from Coach Gus Malzahn. We also have sound from QBs Mikey Keene and John Rhys Plumlee about their competition for the starting QB job, and the guys discuss if there’s anything we can deduce from that.

Then they discuss UCF’s revenue reports from the previous fiscal year and what that means for the program in the long term, and finally, they talk about UCF rounding out its schedule through 2025 and speculate about what they’d like to see on the schedule in 2026.

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